{ Kościół Chrystusa Zbawiciela


We desire to be a vibrant Protestant church in Krakow that will serve Jesus Christ, each other and the people of the city in the following ways:

A Church for Krakow

• We strive to be a church that fits the culture of Krakow today and reaches out to the Poles and people from all backgrounds.
• We recognise and celebrate the unique aspects and culture of Krakow.
• We work to make Krakow a more beautiful, influential, and pleasant place to live.

• We want to become part of the identity of Krakow.
• In cooperation with other churches and like-minded organisations we desire to serve the needs of the city.

A Church Founded on Grace

• God forgives us by grace only because of what Jesus Christ has done for us by His life, death and resurrection.
• We strive to obey God's Word, which we believe to be inspired by God, therefore it is sufficient, inerrant and authoritative.

• God’s mercy and love empower and motivate us to grow in relationship with Christ.
• We are a fellowship for whom salvation is a fact, because it was performed by Christ and not by our own merits.

A Church of culturally relevant, biblical and reverent worship

• The Sunday worship service is our corporate meeting with God and the culmination of our week.
• We want our worship to express the awe and wonder of God’s presence.

• Our worship service reflects worship principles and examples from the Bible.
• We want our worship service to draw from the rich history of the Church and be shaped by the wisdom of the Church throughout the centuries
• We seek to have our worship be appropriate for the people of Kraków.

A Church that is a Loving Community

• We believe that the church is a loving, open, honest, supporting and encouraging community of a variety of people.
• Despite being imperfect, we strive to be patient, forgiving, humble and loving in our relationships with one another based on God's example towards us.
• Because hospitality is a Biblical principle we want to spend time together, pray together, and enjoy each other’s company.
• We believe that God calls us to work in society and to do our work well for his glory.
• We want to be an open community that works to bring positive changes to all aspects of our city, country, and ultimately the world.


• We want to be a church where people are discipled and trained.
• We affirm the Biblical commandment to teach fellow believers in healthy Biblical theology and doctrine.

Evangelism and Missions

• We believe that God has called us to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ locally, regionally, and globally – in order that He may receive all the glory.

• We expect people to find hope, forgiveness and reconciliation in Jesus Christ.

• We want to train new pastors and leaders for our church and future churches.
• We want to be a church-planting church in Krakow, Southern Poland, and other parts of the country and the world.